Unifying our school into one convenient location means easier daily routines for parents and a stronger community for families.

One Campus Saves Time & Sanity

  • For families with multiple children, having a unified location means faster pick-up & drop-off.
  • Car drop-off will be available to all ages, further saving parents time and stress.
  • Having a contiguous parking lot means no longer needing to cross the street with young kids.

Convenient Location

  • We’re staying in Belmont, less than a mile away from our current location.
  • The new home is less than 3 minutes from Interstate-64, saving driving time and avoiding the traffic that often bottlenecks on Monticello Ave.
  • Sharing a border with Rives Park means natural opportunities for playdates and afterschool entertainment.

More Robust Alumni & Summer Programming

  • With a home that we can use year-round and during all hours of the day, we can offer more extensive alumni programming and summer camp.

Thoughtful Layout Improves Comfortability

  • Wider hallways means no more daily congestion.
  • We’ll have adult bathrooms so parents can use appropriately sized restrooms.

Easier Group Gatherings

  • There will be an ISC lounge where parents can congregate and enjoy coffee together.
  • We’ll have a space large enough to fit everyone, so families won’t need to cram in to Sing-Alongs, and parents can be invited more often to student events such as the International Fair.
  • The school can host social events more easily, rather than renting space at restaurants or being at the mercy of the weather for outdoor gatherings.

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We invite you to learn more about our ISC community and all that we have to offer. Please contact us today to schedule a tour and discuss our enrollment options.

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