Teachers are thrilled to be united in one location, to have physical space that supports learning, and to work in more comfortable conditions.

Less Commuting, More Community

  • Teachers won’t waste time commuting between campuses regularly, or be forced to cart materials back and forth.
  • Having staff united in one building allows more teacher togetherness and builds a tighter-knit community.

Making it Easier to Teach

  • When freed from strict bathroom & outdoor schedules, teachers have flexibility to create dynamic learning opportunities.
  • Increased storage in classrooms allows teachers to have all the tools they need at arm’s reach, providing greater variability in learning.
  • Having all teachers united in one building allows increased educational collaboration.

Better Working Conditions

  • We’ll have adult bathrooms so teachers can use appropriately sized restrooms.
  • There will be a teacher kitchen & lounge so that educators have a place to relax and enjoy one another’s company.
  • Additional windows, natural light, & fresh air will improve the daily quality of life for teachers.
  • The classrooms will have reliable temperature control.

Excitement for Elementary Grades

  • Many ISC teachers have experience with elementary grades, and are elated to include this age group in our school.
  • Teachers are excited to provide a longer, stronger foundation of bilingual education to more young minds.

More Amenities

  • Teachers will have access to food prep areas and a dishwasher.
  • We’re adding laundry machines on site, so that sheets can be laundered at school, instead of by families or teachers at home.
  • There will be a shower space for kids in case of bathroom accidents, making it easier for teachers to help clean children and get them back to learning.

Better Compensation or Professional Development

  • The improved cost-efficiency of our new home frees up resources for professional development and/or salary increases.
  • Happier teachers means improved teacher retention, and teachers receive the benefits of longer tenure.

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