Mission, Principles, Philosophy

Our Mission

Inspiring curious minds and nurturing understanding hearts through language-immersion in Spanish and French for a lifetime of global citizenship

Our Principles

Excellence: We commit to continuous learning and growth, not just for our children, but for all members of the ISC community. We expect and pursue high standards, understanding that risks and mistakes will be part of the journey. We embrace candid and honest assessment to learn and grow, individually and collectively.

Commitment to Children: Our dedicated educators are committed to providing an inspired, responsive, safe, and nurturing learning environment. We guide students to learn and grow individually, and teach value in understanding something new.

Compassion: Our teachers are committed to guiding students with love, understanding, and sensitivity, to provide a secure foundation for reaching their full potential.

Holistic Education: We pursue a holistic education. In our school, each learner will be inspired, guided, and equipped to pursue deeper and broader understanding, no matter the circumstances in which one finds oneself.

Teamwork: We value a collaborative environment among teachers, administrators, and families. Ours is a joyful, fun, understanding, cooperative, and friendly community.

Building Bridges: While we perceive globally, we are reminded to act locally. We endeavor to lead community engagement in order to broaden the worldview of those who share our city.

Adaptability: We will be proactive in our approach to adapt to our environment, market demand, and families’ needs. ISC will work thoughtfully and strategically to be at the forefront of change.

Teachers: Our teachers are our most valuable asset. We recognize that our success depends on employing kind, compassionate, inspired educators who apply excellent judgment. We cultivate a respectful, collaborative culture that attracts and retains excellent teachers, and an atmosphere that helps them thrive and continuously improve. We seek to hire the best person for each job. We want our teachers to love what they do.

Stewardship: We appreciate that valuable resources--human, financial, environmental--are precious, and usually finite. In all that we do, we strive to steward the resources available to us wisely, and act in ways that respect the broader impacts of our decisions and what those who come after us will inherit.

Our Philosophy

Children at ISC become global citizens through hands-on exploration of their environment; open-ended experimentation with materials and ideas; and full immersion in a multilingual, multicultural community. Through participation and play in a safe and nurturing environment, children develop strong self-esteem and interpersonal skills, in addition to academic, artistic, and cultural competencies and curiosity. The ISC’s deep experience in bilingual pedagogy supports children to develop flexibility, creativity, higher-order thinking, goodwill, and literacy across languages and cultures. As a result of their time at ISC, children develop well-rounded social, emotional, interpersonal, and intellectual skills.