ISC is a not only an incredible school, it's also a non-profit that relies on donations for improvement, growth, and scholarships. By making a gift to the International School of Charlottesville, you help fulfill our mission to inspire curious minds and nurture understanding hearts in a multilingual, multicultural environment for a lifetime of global citizenship. Private philanthropy is critical to our future and gifts to the ISC may support general needs, scholarships, faculty excellence, facilities, curriculum development, instructional offerings, and much more.

A gift of any size makes a difference and we welcome matching gifts from employers. The ISC is a 501c3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible.

To donate by check, please mail or hand-deliver your check to The International School of Charlottesville, 830 Monticello Ave, Charlottesville VA 22902. To donate by credit card, please fill out the form below. Below we share words from some of our community members about the impact that your gift can have.




The ISC's Impact on Families and Teachers


Sarah & Measar's Story
In 2017, Sarah & Measar brought their family from Iraq, fleeing war violence in their home of Mosul. When they arrived in Charlottesville, they received an ISC scholarship spot in Spanish preschool. Despite arriving with no English, they found their daughter was “already speaking very good English and Spanish at the same time” in just 3 months. “I was very surprised!” Sarah laughed, and added “ISC has a very good education system.” Now their second child is also enrolled at ISC, this time they chose French! Sarah & Measar are excited for ISC’s new building because “it will be much easier for the teachers,” and because “more kids will have the opportunity to join the school.” They say they received incredible generosity, warmth, and inclusiveness from the ISC community. “Coming to a foreign country and not speaking their language, it was very hard for me. But when I started with ISC, I felt more like I’m with my family.”


Kate & Ge's Story
With a combined 30+ years of teaching at the ISC, Kate & Ge are an indispensable team. Ge gushes “I love that the ISC is a big family,” and “it’s about sharing different cultures and languages with the children as well as with the parents.” The impact that ISC has on shaping youth is very meaningful to them. Kate says “the ISC is important to the world because we don’t just teach another language, we’re actually helping them become citizens of the world. We teach them to be flexible, to be open-minded, to be aware and embracing of other cultures and differences.” Kate & Ge are excited for the ISC’s future because having all the teachers reunited in one campus means more educational collaboration and a tighter-knit teacher community. Kate says a permanent home “would put ISC on the map for good and strengthen our identity and impact on Charlottesville.”


The Baluartes' Story
As an ISC almni family, the Baluartes enjoy the alumni socials and their daughters attend alumni classes. Having extended family that only speaks Spanish, David & Beth really appreciate having a complete immersion school in Charlottesville. They say their daughters’ “language acquisition has been incredible.” In addition, Beth says “I think they learned to love school here because they felt comfortable, safe, and excited.” The Baluartes also credit ISC with providing a multicultural experience that helps to shape the broader values of Charlottesville. “We want to live in a city that is committed to multiculturalism and appreciates difference, so we feel like giving back to ISC is giving back to Charlottesville and the kind of city that we want to live in.” They’re excited for the future building because it will be designed to support teachers and it will allow additional alumni programming opportunities. “ISC has given us so much, we want to continue to support it,” they said.


Lynsie Steele's Story
Since 2013, Lynsie Steele has been a parent at the ISC. Having sent 4 boys through the French program, she’s well aware of the warm atmosphere and loving teachers. She says “My kids talk about the ISC like it’s a second home. Having a place that’s a school but also feels like home is really special.” In addition to learning a second language, students at ISC receive a deeper lesson about accepting difference, and Lynsie really appreciates that. She sums it up: "When you can affect one child and drive that child to walk with open arms to other people who are different from them, I think that's the #1 way that we can contribute to Charlottesville and the world as a whole." As both a parent and a teacher (Lynsie works as a culinary instructor), she understands the importance of having everyone from a school community in one place. ISC’s future campus really excites her because it will “bring back cohesiveness in our community” and allow teachers, parents, and siblings to spend more time together.

The ISC Fund (Annual Giving)

The ISC Annual Fund provides immediate and unrestricted support resulting in tangible benefits for the students during the current school year.

Your gift to the ISC Annual Fund allows the school to continue offering the highest quality programs for young children in our community while minimizing tuition increases and providing financial stability for the school's future success.


The International School of Charlottesville is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions about annual giving to The ISC Fund.

Major and Restricted Gifts

The ISC has many needs and aspirations that require more targeted and generous support. Endowed scholarships and gifts for capital projects are examples of targeted gifts that truly make a difference for the future of the school.

To learn more about how you can have an impact, please contact Tini Bennett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 434-984-2174.