Preschool Program

Our preschool program in either French or Spanish focuses on building vocabulary, and developing early pre-academic skills in math, science, and literacy. It is a full immersive day with English used sparingly to reinforce vocabulary being taught in the target language.  Our teachers serve as "living dictionaries" for the children, and a preschooler's brain is wired to absorb and comprehend the target language quickly and naturally.

Our preschoolers participate in many activities within the classroom like circle time and seated learning activities, and practice their social, fine and gross motor skills on a daily basis. They spend the majority of their day with the same set of teachers. They also have additional specials like Visual Arts and Movement. Keeping in touch with your teaching team is important so be sure to send messages in Brightwheel if something special or important is happening in your child’s life. 

Field trips are excellent ways to practice what we have learned. We aim to have two field trips per year where we ask parents to chaperone each child on the field trip. Some of our fun past excursions have been to the farm, Carter Mountain for apple picking, or Chiles Peach Orchard. Did you know that a french rooster says ‘Cocorico’ and a Spanish rooster says ‘kikirikí’?

Your child’s teacher will send weekly emails with a general outline of what activities the class participated in. Teachers also share pictures daily via Brightwheel. Twice per year we invite parents in for conferences with their teachers (normally in November and March). We also send a report for your child twice per school year, once in January and once at the end of the year. 

All children are different! Some need support to attain social or academic milestones. If a child could benefit from additional support, our Student Support Coordinator, Ms Alejandra Newell, will work closely with your child’s teachers to provide individual plans to help them in the classroom. She will also arrange for times to meet with parents to discuss any additional support we may think could be helpful for your child. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, never hesitate to email your teacher or Ms. Alejandra. We are here to support your child’s unique needs!